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In 2011, I was given the opportunity to re-invent myself!  Enjoying embroidery as a hobby, I attended a seminar "Start Your Own Embroidery Business".  With the speaker's charming Tennessee accent and the words, "if you put their name on it, they'll buy it back from you" ... I made the decision to start ShopSuey.  By the end of the day, I was in business!

Choosing custom embroidery allows me to create whimsical items and also cater to the small business owner who cannot meet the minimum order requirements of larger shops.

ShopSuey  for your business, gifts and home!  Click on the Samples tab above to view slideshows in these categories:  Apparel, Business Logos, Caps, Totes, Home Decor, Pets, Children and Rhinestones.  Visit often ... categories are updated weekly!  Allowing for creative license, suggestions are welcome ... email me at shopsuey@comcast.net  Wearing your company logo is FREE advertising!


Created for Gabriele Johnson for friends Herbert und Doris ... this will be shipping to Germany!
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